Ever wanted to know what the usher really thinks of a performance? Are they just being nice when you ask them if it’s any good so as not to spoil your experience before it has even started? Or is it something more sinister? A clause in their contract to only speak positively about a show perhaps? Of course it is!

Well now everything has changed, here you can read real opinions from real ushers and get to know what those working day in and day out at arts venues really think about the work they witness. Ask The Ushers is a new and unique platform, based primarily in London, offering you the chance to really get inside an usher’s head, not to mention take advantage of their adept and attuned senses regarding quality of performance. Who better to trust than an uncensored usher who usually oversees the completion of 8-shows a week, every week?

Oh and by the way, this project is strictly anonymous. So don’t tell our bosses!

*DISCLAIMER* We do not explicate on productions we work at, all opinions are our own and not of the businesses we are affiliated with.